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Mark Nisula
Mark Nisula

Mark Nisula is a dedicated father as well as a active community member in Houston. His love and commitments are guided through his faith.

Nisula joined HG Fire Systems L.P. of Houston in May 2005 as the senior project designer. In this role, he responsibility for planning and preparing designs for piping layouts of fire sprinkler systems, ensuring proper protection for life and property. He is a certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies in Water-Based Systems Layout.

Prior to that, he spent a year at Alcoa’s Rockdale Operation a member of the plant protection team where he had responsibility for security, fire protection and emergency medical assistance. During his career, Nisula also held key project design positions at Firematic, Inc. and Casteel Automatic Fire Protection, Inc.

He currently helps to serve the Houston area as a firefighter with the North West Volunteer Fire Department which he joined in May 2009. This continues a established history as a volunteer firefighter were he as severed several departments in Texas including Circle-D, Bastrop, and Champions.

Nisula is active in his neighborhood community. He is the past secretary for The Woods of Wimbledon Civic Association and continues to helped to develop and maintain there website.

Georgia Nisula
Georgia Nisula

Georgia Nisula is a dedicated mother as well as a active community member in Houston. Her love and commitments are guided through her family and friends.

Nisula joined Survey and Mapping Inc. of Austin in September 2012 as a geospatial analysis. In this role, she was responsibility for ensuring the proper information is gathered through Light Detection And Ranging.

Prior to that, she spent the past 2 years at GeoDigital Inc. where she was the senor project analysis where she had responsibility for oversight of a team of analysis working with light detection and ranging. During her career, Nisula also was the senor project analysis for Tarapoint USA from 2005 to 2010.

Nisula holds a bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from Texas State University and is currently serving as the President on the The Woods of Wimbledon Civic Association.

Georgia Nisula
Texas Nisula

Texas Nisula is the newest member of our family. He is currently enrolled at KinderCare in the preschool room.